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Apparently, Oberon never had considerable amount of community interest, even compared to Modula-2.


There are even not enough results to show which regions were most interested in Oberon. Interesting, that interest by Modula-2 was even higher in Spain, than in Germany.


What is also interesting, Oberon never was as popular as today.


Not even when there were much more development for Oberon S3 or V4, than today with new Project Oberon.

Probably, this is because recently more people are interested in programming languages than before, and new PO was published in time, when programming languages have favorable conditions.


voc was successfully used to port Wirth’s PICL language compiler to GNU/Linux (and other platforms supported by voc). Now it’s possible to compile PICL programs on my desktop.


this illustrates the example code from Wirth’s paper, compiled binary output file, and gpsim simulator which loaded hex file which was possible to get with gnu binutils’objcopy utility.

code is here.

I need to make more improvements, write a manual so that people can use it. And think what else can be done. (other PIC cores? may be port it to AVR too? symbolic debugging?)

If you’d like to discuss this, please come to #oberon room at, and poke norayr (aka vishap, aka noch) and pretty much everyone else. See you.